Fern Narcis-Scope

Recounts by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) of votes in ballot boxes and poll cards in four marginal constituencies were still at half mark yesterday, with a fluid situation ongoing.

Recounts will continue into this weekend as the EBC works toward completion of the exercise, which was called for by the United National Congress after it lost Monday’s General Election 22-19 to the People’s National Movement.

Following Monday’s election, the UNC called for recounts for La Horquetta/Talparo, San Fernando West, St Joseph, Tunapuna and Toco/San Grande. PDP leader Watson Duke also requested a recount of votes in Tobago East but conceded defeat soon after the recount began, allowing the EBA to confirm the PNM’s Ayanna Webster-Roy the winner.

On Thursday, a recount in San Fernando West was also declared in favour of PNM candidate Faris Al-Rawi over UNC’s Sean Sobers.

Apart from ballots being counted, poll cards are also being counted.

EBC Chief Elections Officer Fern Narcis-Scope complained on Thursday that the UNC candidates have been frustrating the process by not adhering to the rule set down by the presiding officers who were in charge of the recount processes.

Yesterday, EBC communications manager Bobbie Rogers said at 1.09 pm, the statuses of the other recounts then were:

• Toco/Sangre Grande: 39 out of 60 ballot boxes counted

•La Horquetta/Talparo: 29 out of 53 boxes counted.

•Tunapuna: 23 out of 51 boxes counted.

•St Joseph: 15 out of 54 boxes counted.