A husband and wife, both pensioners from Rio Claro, were arrested and charged for being in possession of wildlife in the closed hunting season yesterday.

Police reported that during the hours of 3 am to 9 am on Wednesday, a joint exercise was conducted in the Biche and Rio Claro districts for arms and ammunition and illicit drugs.

Four dwelling houses were searched by officers in Rio Claro, two for dangerous drugs and two for firearms and ammunition.

At one of the houses at Mahabalsingh Trace, Navet, Rio Claro, police found 3 agoutis and one tattoo in the refrigerator of the couple, ages 64 and 65 years old respectively.

The couple was arrested, wildlife seized and they were both taken to the Rio Claro Police Station where they were charged by PC Singh for the offence.

The exercise was lead by Sgts Mahabir and Maharaj and included Acting Corporal Denoon, officers from the CID, TaskForce, Warrant officers and K9 unit.