Firefighters on the scene of a fire at St Julians Road, Princes Town, in which an elderly couple lost their lives, this morning. [Image by KRISTIAN DE SILVA]

An elderly couple has perished in a fire at St Julian’s Road, Princes Town.  Police said the fire started at 7:30am today.

Guardian Media understands that the couple—Doodooman Sankar, 79, and his wife Ramdaye Sankar, 84—were inside the house when the blaze began.

Doodooman Sankar (79) and Ramdaye Sankar (84), both perished in a fire at their home at St Julien Road, Princes Town, this morning. [Image courtesy Sankar Family]

Grandson Rajendra Sampath said the couple’s children live around the area and saw the blaze.  However, there was no water to extinguish the blaze.

The firefighters were called but had to turn back as the road has multiple land slips. 

Parbatie, daughter of Doodooman and Ramdaye Sankar, who both perished in a fire at their home at St Julien Road in Princes Town, this morning, is assisted by Clint Samuel after firemen put out the blaze. [Image by KRISTIAN DE SILVA]

Sampath said his grandfather had a stroke and his grandmother suffered from arthritis so they could not make it out in time.


This is a developing story and Guardian Media will bring you more as details unfold.