Jenny Granado, 61, whose decomposing body was found next to her bed and throat tied with a cord.

Police are searching for two suspects in connection with what they have described as the “brutal” rape and murder of a 61-year-old woman who was found at her Turure Road, Sangre Grande home on Sunday.

Police officers believe the victim identified as Jenny Granado was raped, beaten and then strangled.

She was found with her clothes torn and a cord tied around her neck on her bed at her red Road, Turure, Sangre Grande home.

Her body was in a state of decomposition when discovered by a neighbour around 11.30 am yesterday.

According to investigators, the 61-year-old lived alone.

When her neighbour did not hear or see her for the weekend, she went to the house to check on her and made the gruesome find.

As news of the discovery spread her relatives rushed to the scene.

Her brother Dino Granado said he last saw her alive on Thursday and said she was jolly and in good spirits.

He said she was a black belt karate trained person and worked the estate by herself.

The victim’s brother said his sister was being robbed continuously and had been making reports to the Sangre Grande Police Station but he claimed the officers never followed up on the reports.

Granado said his sister told him that two guys who live close to the “WASA Pump” had been stealing her citrus and other produce on the land.

He said she was able to identify them but the police never responded to her reports.

“Today she is gone and look at how many police present here today,” as his eyes filled with tears.

Granado’s sister Joan said she had been seeing young men armed with guns passing through their estate.

Police suspect the 61-year-old may have been killed two days before she was found.

Pc Andrews of Homicide Bureau Arouca is continuing investigations.