A UNC member has her temperature checked, before being allowed to cast her vote at Shiva Boys Hindu College, Clarke Road, Penal.

UNC election team chairman Ramesh Persad-Maharaj has defended the conduct of last Sunday’s UNC elections as being transparent and fair—and he’s told defeated UNC leadership challenger Vasant Bharath that Bharath was “rude and impertinent to question his ability to manage the electoral process.”

Persad-Maharaj did so in a letter to Maharaj after Bharath accused the chairman of various issues.

Persad-Maharaj added, “From the very outset you had a personal problem with me as Chairman. I would not make that an issue. You are petty. You made it appear as if I were your rival. I was not. I was only head of the Elections Committee.”

“Immediately upon our appointment by the party you created a problem with us. Did you know one of our members Dr. Indira Rampersad is the sister of Dr. Ramchand Rampersad your candidate for the position of Education Officer? Were we biased in any way? Your mischievous intent was always to discredit us to no avail.”

“We conducted the elections with transparency, fairness and efficiency and received commendations from many independent sources. None of your polling agents has complained to any of the Presiding Officer or any member of the Elections Committee of any improper conduct. All our staff at all polling stations were properly trained and the arrangements made for voting were superb.”

“None of your itemised list of allegations can be substantiated. They are false, spurious and baseless and only reflect the state of your frustrated mind and disappointment. “Nothing we did would have pleased you especially when the results didn’t favour you and your team. With due respect to you, we would not allow ourselves to be used as your scapegoat. The elections were free and fair and free from fear.”