Terrence Deyalsingh, Minister of Health

Rishard [email protected]

Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh says electronic tagging and tracking of people in quarantine is now being considered in the wake of reports that some persons have been breaking their quarantines. “Yes it is something being actively looked at. However, because of our written Constitution, the Attorney General has advised that this would have to be done on a voluntary basis. We cannot compel someone to wear an electronic tag,” Deyalsingh said during yesterday’s virtual press conference.“So if and when we do implement the electronic tagging system, it will be done on a voluntary basis because we do have a Constitution that guarantees certain rights and freedoms but it is being actively pursued via PAHO and other agencies.”

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago, there have been several reports of people breaking quarantine. Most recently, a man broke quarantine to go to the gym. However, other than these few incidents, Deyalsingh said home quarantine has shown promise.“By and large, for the vast majority of cases, the system of home quarantine is working very very well,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ministry confirmed 45 additional infections yesterday from samples taken between November 15 and 17. The new infections brought the total number locally since March 12 up to 6,180. The ministry also released 45 people from its care.

Of the 455 people remaining in home self-isolation, 66 were within the prison system, 38 were in hospitals and 24 were in step-down/transitional facilities. The number of active cases also stood at 562. Deyalsingh indicated that the country was doing well based on the numbers. “Our seven-day moving average is about 22 cases per day. These are very good numbers and I want to thank team Trinidad and Tobago,” he said. Despite this, he urged citizens to continue adhering to the public health guidelines to protect against spreading the virus, which has claimed 113 lives locally.“We know people are fatigued with COVID. COVID fatigue has set in across the world and in Trinidad and Tobago. People want to get back to January 2020, how life used to be in January and February 2020. But right now…that is not entirely possible,” Deyalsingh said.