A survey conducted by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has found that a majority of people want to see a ban on the use of noisy fireworks.

This revelation comes days before this country celebrates Independence Day, a day when fireworks are used throughout several parts of the country for celebrations.

In delivering the results Manager of the Air, Waste and Noise Unit at the EMA, Jiselle Joseph said the findings of this survey will accompany recommendations already made by the EMA to have the ban implemented.

This advice was presented to the Ministry of Planning in June 2019.
Joseph said people were given some options for persons to say what they would like to see in terms of moving forward for treatment of fireworks, “And the largest group of just over 45 per cent indicated that they would like a ban on the traditional noisy fireworks and allow only the use of noise-reducing fireworks.”

Over the years this has been a topic of contention with many complaints about the noise that comes from the fireworks and its effects on particularly the elderly and animals.
Only last year it was blamed for the death of a red kangaroo at the Emperor Valley Zoo. A petition was subsequently launched calling for the ban.

It has not been revealed by the Cabinet whether or not those calls will be answered.
In addition to the ban, Joseph said respondents want to see more action taken against offenders.
“There is another large percentage that spoke to stricter enforcement and fines being implemented for what is currently in place.”

Currently, there are two fines for fireworks-related offences; 1000 dollars and 400 dollars.
The EMA survey on the use and impact of fireworks was conducted from June 19 to July 31, 2020.

Reporter: Chester Sambrano