Residents in parts of Siparia, who are presently experiencing an interruption in their pipe borne supply, won’t see complete relief until Friday 25th March 2022.

An advisory from the Water and Sewerage Authority explains that a mechanical problem affecting one of the pumps at the Siparia Water Treatment Plant is the reason for the supply disruption, and extensive emergency repair works currently are underway.

WASA estimates the repairs should be complete by Friday March 25th.

However, WASA assures that a limited truck borne service will be available upon request.

The affected areas include: Quinam Road, Sennon Village, Railway Road, Lower Mary, George & Victoria, Upper De Gannes, Lower Coora Road, Coora Hernandez Road, Coora Extension, Mendez, Saney Trace, Kay Trace, Prana Home Development, High Street, inclusive of all side streets.

For further information or assistance, customers are asked to contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420 or 800-4426.