Two major cracks in the roadway at Robert Village, Tableland have forced the PTSC to suspend its service to Mayaro and environs.

The Ministry of Works and Transport said emergency road works are underway at Robert Village, Tableland where the condition of the road was so bad it forced PTSC to halt its bus service to Mayaro and Guayaguayare.

Earlier this week, the Public Service Transport Corporation said it would be suspending its service to the areas because of the deteriorating road conditions at Robert Village which it uses as its route from San Fernando to Mayaro.

But the ministry said the road there collapsed after a landslip.

As such it has begun emergency works to the affected area by widening the opposite side of the road, which will allow continued access and reduce traffic.

The ministry added permanent slope stabilization work and restoration will commence sometime this month.

It explained that previous intermediary repair works were completed in August 2019 but during the past week, there had been significant movement of land and the formation of a large depression which affected the passage of vehicles.

The suspension of PTSC services prompted Mayaro MP Rushton Paray to slam the Government.

He said he made appeals to Minister Rohan Sinanan, which were ignored and he made another public appeal for the minister to fix the road.