TTUTA president supporting COSTATT lecturers

TTUTA President Antonia DeFreitas is demanding a meeting with Minister of Education Anthony Garcia. This time around to discuss issues relating to COSTAATT’s part-time lecturers.

At a protest outside the college’s city campus this morning DeFreitas said the lecturers have been intimidated by the administration for a number of years. She said the union would not sit by and tolerate this type of oppression.

“Persons are being asked to perform extra duties without being paid,” she said.

“Some of these persons here this morning are afraid of being targeted with termination when they return to work, “she continued.

Now some of the issues highlighted by the union were no new salaries since 2012, non-receipt of contract gratuity, non- renewal of contracts, changing of timetable without consultation and more.

Other than COSAATT related issues, the union would also like to discuss school safety and security.

“We requested a meeting since January 9th 2020, no response up to now,” she said

“They keep pushing the button, educators need to stand up now,” she continued.

Reporters then asked DeFreitas what is the next step.

With tears in her eyes she answered, “Smoke in front, fire behind, that is the next step.”