The head of a group of citizens concerned about fireworks use is calling on Government to either enforce the laws governing fireworks usage or ban them altogether.

Chairperson of Fireworks Use Sufferers (FUS), political activist Nalini Dial, says Government is failing in its duty to ensure citizen safety by not addressing the fireworks issue assertively.

“Either enforce the law under the Fireworks Act or we are calling on the government for a total ban,” Dial says in a news release.  “The government is to ensure our safety and peaceful enjoyment of our property. They are failing to do that. In fact, the government is allowing the importation of this item and the sale of it. Thereby, their action, or lack of, is actually the facilitator of this menace to our society.”

She added: “In this year of COVID-19 and all the losses to life, loss of jobs, loss of earnings, and scarce foreign exchange, FUS is amazed and deeply disturbed that so many citizens can still show such utter lack of consideration and compassion, to fellow citizens, animals and the environment.”

The FUS spokesperson says the group will be holding a public protest from noon on Thursday 31st December 2020, in front of the Fire One Fireworks tent in Maraval, to highlight their concerns.  

“We have endured this trauma for far too long without any concern from government, the law breakers, and no action from law enforcement. This has to stop now!” she argues.  “All affected persons. All interested. All animal activists. All are invited to participate. Call or message via WhatsApp at 678-9477.”