I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the CT scan machine at SWRHA has been down since March 2020 (specifically, with respect to the radiology department).

Earlier this year my mother tested positive for cancer, and after visiting the oncology department in San Fernando, she was told that she needed to have a CT scan done before her next appointment in November.

When I went to the radiology department at SWRHA in June, I was told that the equipment was not working, and as a result, no appointments are being made. I was given a slip of paper with telephone number 225-4325 x 3085, and told to call every week, to see if the machine was working.

I have been calling every week since June 2020, and still the machine is not working, and as a result, I am unable to make the required appointment. In one instance, the clerk who answered told me that the equipment hasn’t been working since March of this year. Another time, I was told that they’re in the process of installing new equipment. On September 7, 2020, I was once again told that the machine is not operational, and I should call again in two weeks time.

Please, this needs to be brought to the attention of someone in authority.

Dr Brian Armour, CEO of SWRHA, in an article in the T&T Guardian, dated July 24, stated that there were two CT machines. I am not sure that he is aware that the radiology department is not doing any CT scans…I’m sure that there are many other persons waiting have a CT scan done…what then is happening to them in the meanwhile?

Could these patients awaiting CT scans be referred to another hospital where a working machine is available?

I would like someone to please provide some answers as to when the machine would be operational; and why, if there are two CT machines at SWRHA, no appointments are being made (again, wrt Radiology Department); and also, if patients can be accommodated at another facility where there is working machine, in order to get the results, and get on with their treatments.