Freeport residents at a town meeting with Caroni Central MP Arnold Ram, on Tuesday at the Three Roads Hindu Temple, Freeport.

Villagers of Freeport and environs are fed up with an erratic supply of water.

On Tuesday villagers held a town meeting with Arnold Ram, the Caroni Central MP, at the Three Roads Hindu Temple, Freeport to highlight their concerns.

Lutchman Balgobin, a resident of Sewdass Road, said water usually comes every 8-10 days. He said water came last Saturday but for just three minutes.

Balgobin said he is now forced to collect rainwater and bathe with a small bucket of water.

Another resident Soomdeo Mahabir, 75, said the supply has always been erratic for more than 50 years.

He said the supply comes for a few hours and allows him to collect two 400- gallon tanks of water that would last him six days.

He added, “we pay rates like everybody, I hear the Minister of Finance say he pays $75 a month and I pay $75 a month and I am sure he is getting a 24 hour supply.”

MP for the area, Arnold Ram told Guardian Media that WASA was pumping raw water from the area for treatment and distribution to other communities while the residents of Freeport now have to depend on rain for a supply.

Ram said the community has been without a regular supply for the last two weeks.

Ram said this as an act of discrimination by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) who he accused of neglecting the community. Ram said the areas hardest hit include Chickland, Preysal, Sewdass Road and parts of Gran Couva.

He added a shortage of water makes it difficult for residents to practice proper sanitisation to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

The Caroni Central MP said during 2013-2015 these areas would have been getting water daily.

“You need the political will to get it done, I think that is something lacking from the Government”.

He said the villagers intend to submit a petition through his office to request a meeting with WASA officials and the Minister of Public Utilities to discuss the issue.

He said if this does not change the situation, the residents may use other measures to highlight their woes.

Contacted for commenet on the matter, WASA’s Corporate Communications Manager Daniel Plenty said a broken water main that takes water to Freeport was repaired on Tuesday and WASA began pumping water into the area yesterday.

Plenty added that WASA would be in contact with MP Ram’s office to ensure the situation is resolved.