The stabbing incident occurred at the home of the estranged wife of a police officer

The estranged wife of a police officer was injured in a stabbing incident at her home in Longdenville, this morning.

Also injured in the incident was a male friend of hers.

According to a police report, at about 5 am, a police officer went to the woman’s home in response to an alleged report that a man was seen entering the house.

Investigators were told that when the officer got to the house and went inside, an altercation ensued, which the policeman alleges was started by the stranger.

During the fight, both the stranger and the woman were wounded.

They were taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility, where they were treated.

Investigators say the woman reportedly had taken out a Protection Order against her estranged husband.

A member of the police service currently is assisting his colleagues with their investigations into the incident.