The scene at La Horquetta North Secondary School, on Election Day, Monday 10 August 2020.

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Apart from shifted polling stations and missing poll cards, voting was widely described as smooth in the La Horquetta/Talparo constituency.

In La Horquetta in particular, voters found the process to be a breeze, despite adjustments made due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was smooth. Everything is running smooth. Everybody know what they have to do and it was quite good. Quite easy, ” said Marcia Espinet-Holder, after voting at the La Horquetta North Secondary School.

“The crowd there is plentiful but moving very fast; it is very organised. Thank God for that,” Charlene Simmons also said after voting at that school.

But over in San Raphael/Brazil some voters were thrown off by the change of their polling stations, which—coupled with the lack of mailed polling cards—created a slight headache for a few of them.

However, they said staff at the polling station generally handled their concerns well.

“It was okay this morning. I didn’t know the lines would have been so short. Everything was in order. The people who I met and talked to, they were well mannered. They treated me with the utmost respect; I give them utmost respect, ” said a voter at Brazil Secondary School, who gave his name as Rishi.

“They handle me to suit even though I didn’t have polling card. I’m still trying to figure out why  I didn’t have a polling card in the mail but everything went according to plan. Everything went according to plan,” he said.

A mother washes the hands of her child outside the La Horquetta Government Primary school as voters wait to do the same.

Praise was also given for the measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the election.

“For me it went very well. The social distancing… everybody was adhering to the social distancing. Everybody was sanitizing and wearing their masks and the voting process went very smooth,” said Wendy Matthew, who also voted at the Brazil Secondary School.

“We are accustomed… in San Raphael we vote… well I vote at the Parish Hall, but it’s not a problem to come to the high school to vote. I don’t see a problem to come here. It’s more spacious and it’s better for the social distancing. You have a little while to wait because remember they can’t allow a lot of people inside one time. It’s a bit a slow but it’s better this way,” she said.