Sascha Wikson

In the blink of an eye, Raymond Gajadhar lost everything he ever owned and is now homeless along with his wife and two young daughters.

Neither he nor his family was around when a fire engulfed their home, reducing it to nothing more than a pile of ashes.

The fire spread to his home after a resident set fire to a rubbish heap.

Just two years ago, Gajadhar built the house with the help of a good samaritan who had donated the materials.

Walking through the rubble at Hill Top Drive, Springvale, Claxton Bay on Thursday, Gajadhar, 52, said they have been staying by a relative in Gran Couva, but their lodging is only temporary.

Gajadhar, a labourer, was at work when a neighbour called and told him his house was on fire.

“When I saw it on fire I end up crying to know I lose everything. I leave it good and come back and meet it down to the ground. Right now I still not happy. I still feeling it inside of me.”

Gajadhar, his wife Samantha Samaroo, 29, and daughters ages six and four-years-old lost everything in the blaze.

“Right now it come like all of us homeless, we have nothing. Is like we on the streets right now,” he said.

Admitting that his life has been an uphill battle, Gajadhar said when he moved into his new home he felt as though things were improving. “Now I am back to square one,” said Gajadhar, who is appealing for help to rebuild his home.