Jamal Cordner is accusing the police of trying to frame him and his brother who was shot by officers. Police claim the brother shot at them during a patrol.

Jamal Cordner of Signal Hill is accusing Tobago police of trying to frame both him and his brother Shermal Noray.

On Tuesday night (May 11) 24-year old Noray of Signal Hill was shot in the chest and both arms by police. However, Cordner claims that the police shot his brother without cause, and are now trying to cover up the incident. But Tobago Police insist that their actions were justified

Cordner gave his account of what happened.

“I just walk out the road to buy juice and while I am standing there with three other men an officer approached me asking who were the fellas that just run past. I said I didn’t know because I didn’t see anyone and the officer said well if that is the case this is yours.”

He claimed the officer then threw a gun at his feet.

Cordner said he then heard a series of gunshots before the officer picked up the gun and headed in the direction of the shots. It was only then his aunt told him his brother was shot.

Following the shooting several of Noray’s relatives gathered at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Scarborough General Hospital heatedly confronting police who surrounded the injured man as he lay bleeding on the ground. The incident was recorded and circulated on social media.

Cordner said when he saw his brother at the hospital, he complained about the officers’ actions and was alleged hit by an officer.

He removed a bandana from his forehead revealing an injury to Guardian Media.

Cordner claimed his brother was seated in his car playing music when he was shot.

However, police officers have a different version of events.

The police stated that officers fired two shots at the scene, both in response to perceived threats. They claim officers were on mobile patrol in the area when they observed a group of people gathered at a well-known “hot spot” and not wearing face masks.

As the officers approached the group, three men began to run, two of the men were observed clutching an object to their waist with their right hand, when one of the officers observed a flash and heard a loud explosion.

“The officer then became fearful for his life and for the life of his colleagues and discharged one round in the direction of the shooter. Upon making checks he observed a male of African descent later identified as Shermal Noray suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest,” according to a police statement.

The injured man was taken to the Scarborough General Hospital, where he was medically examined and is being treated while under police guard.

The police report added that “one pistol and two spent shells resembling that of 5.562 ammunition were recovered from the scene.”

Meanwhile, attorney Martin George issued a press statement announcing that his company was retained by the family of Shermal Noray to represent his interests.

“Attorneys visited Noray who is still at the Scarborough Hospital under police guard and he has since instructed us to act on his behalf, as such we will soon be issuing correspondence to the Commissioner of Police regarding actions of the police in that exercise.”

On Wednesday Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith held a virtual meeting with senior officers in Tobago and members of the Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Among the matters discussed were crime trends in Tobago, the repurposing of the Moriah Police Station, crowd control, and social distancing measures in public spaces and mask adherence by officers.