Keisha Edwards and her common law husband Michael Maloney stare at the ruins of their home at St Croix Road Princes Town which was destroyed by fire on Wednesday 21 July 2021. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

Three children escaped death after their home was set on fire while they were inside during a domestic dispute.

Guardian Media understands that while no one was injured, the children, their mother, stepfather and aunt are now homeless.  

A relative who is accused of setting the fire is said to be in police custody. 

The fire took place on Wednesday July 21st, at St Croix Road, Princes Town. 

Reports are that 32-year-old grocery worker Keisha Edwards had left her children in the care of her sister and went to work.  Edwards lived downstairs with her family while her sister and the relative lived upstairs in the house. She was told that the relative was physically abusing her sister and she ran out of the house.

Edwards’ nephew then saw the house smoking and alerted her twin daughters aged 12 years. Her son was upstairs by her sister. While running to safety, the girls remembered their baby brother was still in the house. A neighbour then ran into the house and rescued the child. 

The charred remains of the family’s belongings, destroyed by by fire on Wednesday 21 July 2021. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

Edwards said her children are now staying with a relative while she and her common-law husband, Michael Maloney, are staying with a friend.

She told Guardian Media that she lost everything in blaze, including her children’s schoolbooks, electronic devices, all their clothes, furniture and belongings. 

More than anything, however, Edwards wants to reunite her family.  She is pleading for assistance to rebuild her home. “Even self we have to sleep on the ground, I just want us to be together and get back a home.”

Anyone willing to assist the family can call 338-2530.