L to R - Natalie Alexander and Anthony 'Bago' St Louis, who were killed in a police-involved shooting in Enterprise, on Wednesday 11 August 2021.

Relatives of Anthony ‘Bago’ St Louis and Natalie Alexander are calling for the Police Complaints Authority to investigate the police-involved shooting incident this morning in Enterprise, which led to the couple’s death.

Relatives from both sides told Guardian Media that they will fight for justice and will need an independent investigation done by David West and his team at the Police Complaints Authority (PCA).

Relatives also are expected to lodge official complaints at the PCA before the end of this week.

The relatives also want to know why police officers took into custody Alexander’s daughter, rather than leaving her in the care of relatives.

Speaking with the Guardian Media under strict anonymity, a relative said the child would have been the only surviving eyewitness to the shooting incident.  The relative said they are worried about the child’s welfare.

According to police officers, Anthony ‘Bago’ St Louis was a suspect in an alleged plotting to assassinate the Commissioner of Prisons and members of his family.

A preliminary police report stated that at about 5:30 am on Wednesday August 11th, a crime repression exercise took place in the Central Division relative to an investigation into a report of the conspiracy.

The report stated that officers attempted to board and search the home of suspected conspirator, St Louis, and allegedly were greeted with gunfire.

The officers confronted Anthony ‘Bago’ St Louis at his home at Bhagaloo Trace in Enterprise this morning, following which he was shot dead. Police claim the man tried to use his wife, Natalie Alexander, as a human shield. She was also shot dead. A firearm was recovered from the scene.

However, neighbours who live close by to the house said they were unaware police were in the area as they saw no blue flashing lights, nor did they hear voices identifying them as police.

One neighbour, who also spoke under strict anonymity, told Guardian Media:

“We heard a commotion in the form of voices, so it sounded as though the police had already entered the house and there was talk going on. Then we heard four gunshots like ‘Po po’ then a little pause then ‘Po po’. Then after that we heard about eight rapid shots ring out. That was when we came out, we realised what happened and saw the police.”

St Louis’ friends remained baffled as to why police killed him and his girlfriend. When told about the conspiracy theory alleged by the police, St Louis’ friends were very surprised, even his relatives.

His relative disclosed that St Louis was arrested and charged along with others a few years ago for attempted murder, but stated that two years ago he was freed of the charges.

“So, he was never convicted for any crime, and he was never charged for any other offence like drugs or firearms. What the police alleging him as a conspirator is surprising because to do something like that you would have to have money, which he didn’t have.  He lived a very humble life in a dilapidated house with his girlfriend and her daughter,” St Louis’ relative said.

The relative added: “He was also a very kind and loving person to his cousins and very respectable, so I doubt very much that he would have pulled his girlfriend as a human shield because that is something we would never imagine him to do, given the fact of how he moved with family and even his friends.”

The relative also said that St Louis was known to be very vocal about injustice and would be the first one to block roads, light fires and protest, even talk to the media.

When asked whether his friends would take to the streets to protest his killing at the hands of the police, the relative replied:

“There was talk of it but then his peers backed down saying it wouldn’t make sense to protest. They were just as in shock and quiet which by itself, to me, is eye opening. We just want answers as to why they were killed by the police,” the relative told Guardian Media.

They added: “We want to know why the young lady’s [referring to Alexander] daughter is now left motherless and snatched from her family who is willing to take care of her. We want to know where the child is and when will she be returned to her mother’s family.”