Kerron Frederick stands in the doorway of his mother’s home, which was guttered by fire in Egypt Village, Point Fortin, on Monday.


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Three children now have nothing but their lives and the clothes on their bodies as their family seeks help to rebuild their humble home that was destroyed by fire on Monday.

Kalim Maloney, six and his siblings Killian, four and Lianne, two could only watch with their mother Kennisha, 23 and grandmother Lorian, 58 as their belongings burned.

The children’s uncle Kerron Frederick told Guardian Media that the fire spread so quickly, there was nothing they could save but themselves. According to a report, a fire broke out in the home along Jattan Trace in Egypt Village around 4.20 pm. The Point Fortin Fire Station dispatched firefighters and paramedics, but when they arrived, the fire already consumed most of the concrete and wooden structure.

They were able to extinguish the blaze before any damage to neighbouring homes.

Frederick said a lit piece of cigarette might have accidentally fallen on a couch, setting it on fire. He said by the time his mother, Lorian, ran outside and called for help, the fire had already spread to other parts of the house.

“We went for the hose, but it was too short, and it blaze up one time. By the time we ran inside to take her out, the whole house already caught on fire, so we just had to leave it,” Frederick said. They even tried to full buckets of water, but the fire was uncontrollable.

Frederick said the family lived in a wooden house and started to renovate using concrete blocks. With both Lorian and Kennisha working on and off with the Unemployment Relief Programme, they were taking a long time to complete the house.

With everything gone, the family now has to start over, from buying clothes, furniture and appliances to putting a roof over their heads. Frederick said the family has tradesmen so if kindhearted people donate building materials, they can get started on building a new home.