Becker Seelal was last seen on May 4, 2021.

It has been two weeks since Carapichiama farmer Becker Seelal went missing and spiritual leaders have now advised his family that he is dead.

In a telephone interview, Allison Seelal said this could be true because there is no way that her brother will willingly stay away or not communicate his mother or two younger sisters for so long.

“We are still at the same point when he went missing,” she said, adding: “Nobody is calling, no ransom, that is why we believe my brother is in heaven now. Why would somebody keep somebody for two weeks? And is not like he ran away. He left all his money, he left a bag with snacks.”

While they continue to pray that he miraculously returns to them, she said, “The feeling we getting is that (he is dead). Two weeks disappear in the thin air, the police not giving us nothing to work with. We search the entire area, nobody coming forward we don’t know what to believe and to keep our self in a peace of mind we listen to the spiritual leaders and they are telling us he is dead. We will find his body decomposing.”

Inspite of this, she said they will continue to search for him during the State of Emergency. She doesn’t believe the SoE will hinder their search efforts.

Noting that the searches are done between 6 am and 6 pm, Allison said, “There is no gathering by us. Only immediate family, my mother’s family they will come and it is not like we have a big gathering in front our home. We hang up sanitiser, they are sanitising before the come in. They are wearing their mask. We are abiding by the COVID rules because we know how serious it is. Our brother is missing but we cannot be putting the lives of others in danger.”

Allison was also upset that there has been little support, assistance or information from members of the public and the media.

“This is Trinidad and Tobago nobody cares about a young man’s life. They care only about females. If it was a female went missing you would see her on the news.”

Noting that they are a close knit family, she lamented, “Our family is like Becker came to us and he is taking our pain. The first week we were in grief, I mean we can’t stop crying, trying to control ourself grief and now is like he came to us and he is taking our grief. He is telling us do better. I am gone, do better. But if he comes back to us alive, that will be a miracle. A lot of people going missing and they are not coming back. We are facing the reality of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Becker, 28, went missing on May 4.

Before leaving his Brickfield Village, Waterloo Road home, he told his mother that he was going to collect money from a customer.

Video footage showed him walking into a Trace not far from his home.

His family has since offered a $30,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Freeport Police Station at 673-0026, 0200 or the police hotline 999, 555, 800-TIPS or the TTPS app or website.