Keverne Miller

Convinced that a police constable brought tragedy to their home, the family of Army Cpl Keverne Miller wants the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) to ensure justice for the fallen soldier.Miller, 42, who was stationed at Camp La Romaine, died after an off-duty Special Reserved Police officer shot him five times at a birthday lime at Reservoir Hill, Point Fortin, on Friday morning.

Miller’s cousin Kerion Wilson told Sunday Guardian that the family plans to visit the PCA soon and would exhaust every avenue to ensure justice prevails. Wilson said the constable knew he was attending a lime where he would drink alcohol. Instead of lodging his firearm with the Point Fortin police, he brought it along.

A police report stated that around 3 am, the officer allegedly saw Miller waving a gun as people at the event scampered for safety. The officer reported that he became afraid for his life and the lives of those around. As a result, he drew his firearm and shot Miller five times. Miller died in the tray of a pick-up truck while on route to the Point Fortin Area Hospital.Wilson showed images of additional bullet holes in an attendee’s pick-up truck, saying that the officer just fired shots after shots like he was not in control. The officer was among several other police officers, soldiers, family and friends who attended Miller’s son PC Jeron Flander’s belated birthday lime. During the lime, a soldier and his sister argued with a couple, which turned into a brawl. Miller was at his Lake View home when someone called and told him about the incident at his mother’s house.”He came on his motorcycle and left it running. He walked into the yard, and when I walked up to him, he said ‘Aye! What really going on in my mother’s yard? Allyuh know I am a fool. Ride out nah’.”At that time, Miller stood approximately five feet away from the officer who would shoot him.”He had his weapon on him, and he took it out but kept it pressed against his right leg, facing downward. After he finished making his statement, the environment had already calmed down, but there were still people there. I said ‘it is a cool scene’ and he just ‘steups’ and started walking out and put back the weapon in his waist. While he was walking off and as his back turned towards the shooter, the officer pulled out his gun and started shooting, at no point in time, he looked at the shooter,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he rushed across to the man, who claimed that he identified himself as a police officer. Wilson said that together with another police officer, they took Miller to the hospital, but it was too late.Wilson said there were too many different stories circulating about what happened and needed to put the truth out there. Police questioned several people on Friday, but are yet to arrest anyone.