A neighbour tries to assist the victim of the arson attack.

The quick and daring response of a family from San Fernando led to a woman being rescued from an alleged arson attack on Saturday night.

According to reports, the fire took place around 10 pm on Saturday at an apartment building complex near the San Fernando Methodist School.

Guardian Media understands that Dexter Oudit, who lives behind the complex went to attempt to borrow a small sum of money from the victim, who cleans and house sits in an apartment.

Oudit reportedly could not get on to the woman through the intercom, noticed smoke coming from the apartment, and heard her screaming.

He attempted to alert persons living in neighbouring apartments but was forced to call his family after his pleas were ignored.

Contacted yesterday, Oudit’s son and daughter stated that they did not believe him at first as they knew he had been drinking that evening.

They explained that they then rushed to the woman’s assistance after they too began to hear her screams from their house.

They borrowed a sledgehammer from a neighbour and used it to gain entry to the compound and the burglar-proofed apartment.

A short video clip, which was shared on social media, showed the Oudits rescuing the woman, who walked out of the apartment and then collapsed at the side of the road in shock.

During the process, the hammer broke and Oudit’s son Samuel injured his hand.

Relatives who spoke to Guardian Media said that after police and fire officers arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire, they were told that the woman was locked inside by the owner of the apartment, who started the fire and left.

Oudit’s relatives claimed that they were happy that they were able to intervene in the situation.

“We have to thank God that we were together and could save the woman’s life,” one said.

However, they said they were disappointed by other residents of the apartment building, who they claimed never came outside to help and merely watched what was transpiring from their windows and CCTV cameras.

Police are continuing investigations.