Sita Mohammed touches the hearse carrying the body of her daughter Salina Mohammed as it leaves their home after the funeral service at Palmiste Bend, Coconut Drive, in San Fernando, yesterday.

Crying as the hearse was leaving with her daughter’s body for the cremation site yesterday, Sita Mohammed bemoaned, “Girl you really leaving me? You really going? You did not deserve this.”

While lifting the youngest of her daughter Salina Mohammed’s two children, she gently touched the hearse as it left following Salina’s funeral service at their Palmiste Bend, Coconut Drive, San Fernando.

Salina was gunned down not far away from their home on February 2 after she left in her vehicle to go to work shortly before 8 am.

Initial police reports indicated that she was stopped by a man who shot her multiple times.

In the eulogy, Mohammed’s 16-year-old daughter described her mother as a strong and outspoken woman.

Saying that her mother sacrificed, even if she had to do without, to ensure that she and her seven-year-old brother had everything they needed or wanted, she added, “She made sure that our future was her number one priority and she fulfilled all her duties as a mother. She spared no expense sacrifice or run around to make sure that we had everything for school and that everything was done on time. Even if she had to stay awake all night. I will surely miss everything about her from her cooking to her yelling even the licks.”

She said her mother was strong-will, stubborn, a perfectionist and a no-nonsense person.

“Mummy was hard-working and sacrificed a lot to get where she was and everything she had. She was never the type to take handouts or anything from anyone. She worked hard to get her own,” she added.

Recalling how her mother had a sweet voice and was always singing, she said, “We know that mummy knows how much we truly love, appreciate and are thankful for each and everything she did for us and will continue to do for us in spirit. She will be missed dearly.”

Officiating pundit Vishnu Maraj described Salina as a positive and strong woman.

“I pray with the family for all her wishes which she had for her children to become a reality for them to grow and be successful. And for Nari to be able to stand here in her absence and do the best as a single parent from this day,” he said.

Scores of mourners turned out to bid their final farewell and among the songs they played in her tribute was Celine Dion’s Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word).

The cremation took place at the Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek, South Oropouche.