Deputy Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Farley Augustine, during the meeting at Charlotteville, Tobago, on Sunday 17 January 2021. (Image courtesy PDP)

Residents of Charlotteville were thrown into a frenzy last night, after “Fact Finding Farley” brandished an envelope containing documents he said finally answered the question he has been asking every night on the campaign trail, “Where is the zip line?”

Accrediting the documents to “a patriotic Tobagonian”, Augustine said a thick pile of THA Executive Council meeting notes and accompanying receipts referencing the zip line project were placed in his mailbox on Sunday morning.  And now that the documents have been located, the relevant authorities—including the police—will receive copies. 

Holding up the stack of notes, Augustine quoted executive council file numbers and dates.  He said the project was ready to be wrapped up in September 2015 as everything was already paid for, and Tobago should have been ready to receive all parts and equipment for the zip line tour. In June 2020, when the political leader of the PNM Tobago Council Tracy Davidson Celestine said 85% of the equipment for the project was on the island, Augustine described the statement as the “biggest lie ever told”.  

He said the budget for the project was $4 million and the reported spend on the project turns out to be $3.5 million and not $2.5 million as stated.

“$2.5 million was paid to the foreign company but we have spent on this project—inclusive of hotel and stays for Tobago officials in Miami, inclusive of hotel stay for the company to come and do site visits—we have spent in excess of 3.5 million dollars.”

Augustine said he intends to send the documents to the office of the Auditor General to complete the audit, and to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, as well as to the commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.