An overhead view of the crime scene of three murdered men, whose bodies were discovered in a wooden shack just off the Connector Road, Reform Village, Gasparillo yesterday.

Almost three years after retired chemist Vijay Boodoo was fined $30,000 for guns he kept for protection, relatives found his corpse and those of his sons Vidharshan and Shreedhasan in a shack in their agricultural field in Reform Village, south Trinidad, yesterday Even if they screamed, no one would hear them in the deserted area covered with crops.

Investigators had to drive several kilometres into an agricultural estate near the Brian Lara Stadium.

Police said the victims’ relatives last spoke to them around 9 pm on Saturday. When the boys’ mother and other brother called on Sunday morning, no one answered. They became worried and left their Gasparillo home to check on them in the field. It was then the bloodied bodies of Vijay, 56, Vidharshan, 30 and Shreedhasan, 24 were found. Gasparillo police, Southern Division Task Force and detectives front the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region Three responded, but the killers were long gone.

Crime Scene Investigators found approximately 14 bullet casings at the scene. Investigators were still working on a motive up until late yesterday. In 2017, Boodoo and his employer Rudolph Rambaran pleaded guilty to possession of arms and ammunition.

Police said on August 25, 2017, officers responded to a report of suspicious activity along Dindial Road and met Boodoo and Rambaran standing on the roadside.

The officers searched the car and found a Taurus revolver, a Glock 17 pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun, six rounds of 12-gauge ammunition and 25 rounds of 9mm bullets.

Another man, who was standing with them, ran away.

During their matter before Princes Town Senior Magistrate Indira Misir-Gosine, defence attorney Shuan Teekasingh said his clients had the guns for protection as Rambaran was robbed eight times in the past, including a break-in at his home when he was with his wife.

Teekasingh added that someone also murdered Rambaran’s adopted son Delinjah “Nija” John earlier that year.