Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

A cache of arms and ammunition was discovered at a house in Aranguez during the execution of a search warrant there on Thursday.

An anti-crime exercise was carried out between 5 pm and 7.30 pm by officers from the Duncan Street Inter-Agency Task Force led by Sgt Taylor, Cpl Thomas and Cpl Melville and including PCs Andrews, Hernandez, Taylor, Marcial and WPC Haynes. Haynes executed the search warrant for arms and ammunition at the house located at 17 Mahelal Steet, Aranguez.

When the police arrived a 59-year-old man identified himself as the father of the person the officers were asking about. The man led the officers to a bedroom on the western side of the house and handed over a Diana Mod 4852 air rifle

During the search of the premises, in another bedroom, Haynes found s black bag on top of a cupboard which contained e black and silver firearm bearing markings Llama Micromax 350 07-04-09539-99 and a magazine containing seven brass coloured cylindrical objects resembling ammunition.

The man was cautioned and his son, who arrived home shortly after, and told the officers the gun they found was his. He begged the police to let his father go as he is a sick man.

Both men were subsequently arrested.