Crime scene investigators at the home of Mohid Hosein and Navi Hosein who were found murdered at Las Jobas Road, Chickland Village, Freeport, yesterday.

A trip to a friend’s home to collect zaboca plants turned into a nightmare for a Freeport man who discovered the decomposing corpses of retired bus driver Mohid Hosein and his son Navi on Saturday.Homicide investigators and relatives are still trying to find a motive for the killings in which someone tortured the father and son before shooting them in their heads. A report stated that around 11 am, a 37-year-old Freeport resident went to Hosein’s home along Las Jobas Road, Chickland and found the men dead, with their hands bounded behind their backs. He contacted Freeport police, who responded and cordoned off the house.”They were beaten, shot, executed. The entire place was ransacked,” Hosein’s nephew Vinod told reporters outside the home. Vinod said Hosein, 71, was in a bedroom, while Navi, 47, was found face down in the living room. He believes the motive was a robbery in which his uncle and cousin either resisted or saw their killer’s face. While he could not say whether the killer stole anything from the house, they left with his cousin’s Honda Civic sedan. Police recovered the car along Ramkalia Trace, near the Solomon Hochoy Highway.Vinod said his uncle invited the man to pick up plants at home earlier this week. Navi is a gardener who grows crops near their home. He said the man was calling, but no one answered. Seeing the cars home and the door partially opened, they walked into the porch and knocked. However, he glimpsed Navi’s body. He ran out and contacted police. Based on the rate of decomposition, investigators estimated that the men died on Thursday night. Hosein’s brother Fazal said he last saw his elder sibling on Thursday morning and there was no indication that his brother was in trouble. Living close by, he saw his brother passing daily or would hear his car horn as he worked his taxi along the St Mary’s to Chickland route. However, he did not recall hearing or seeing his brother on Friday. It was only when his sister called from the USA informing him that something happened to Hosein that he knew something was wrong. He said his brother retired from the Public Transport Service Corporation eight years ago and operated his taxi since then.Fazal described Hosein as a jolly person who everyone loved. Navi grew plantains which he sold wholesale.Detectives from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region Three, were at the scene up to late yesterday. They are yet to arrest anyone for the murders.

Laventille man gunned down

Laventille resident Kurt Williams was killed Saturday morning by an unknown assailant.

Around 8.30 am on January 16, gunshots were heard coming from Upper Thomasine Street and upon checking, residents found the body of the 32-year-old man lying in a pool of blood along the road.

He had been shot in the head. Williams reportedly resided at Upper Wharton Street, Laventille. A motive for the killing is yet to be determined.

Investigations are continuing.