2020 J’ouvert Queen Lillan Pierre portrays her mas Dr. Deyalsingh Working Over Time To Block The Corona Virus during the Down Town Carnival Committee J’ouvert celebrations, yesterday.

Lillan Pierre is the 2020 Queen of J’Ouvert, while her father Herbert “Natty” Pierre is the King of J’Ouvert.

The five-time queen bested her daughter and last year’s winner Lynelle Pierre, to again reclaim the crown.

Lillan’s presentation titled “Dr Deyalsingh Working Overtime To Block The Corona Virus” saw her dressed in a white shirt and black pants, standing atop a crude wooden stool positioned in front of a make-shift island, whilst holding a rope attached to a box labelled Corona.

As the box appeared to be getting closer to the island, Lillan used a stick to whip off the black cloth which had been covering the island.

The crowd’s laughter erupted as they saw two cases of Stag and two cases of Carib stacked inside the island.

Choreographed by her father Herbert, Lillan’s act was one of four put on by various members of the Pierre family who are longtime entrants in the annual old mas competition.

Herbert’s presentation titled “Ah Now Frighten Of What I Said And Did” saw him dressed in a yellow satin bathrobe, complete with a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a yellow head wrap.

Other props included a make-shift bed on which he laid while having “nightmares” about past actions which could land him in jail.

The humorous piece delighted the scanty audience which lined Independence Square to view the proceedings, as many applauded and called out to Herbert for more.

Beaming with pride as he hugged Lillan close following her victory, Herbert said yesterday’s win had now moved the family’s amalgamated titles up to 12 queens and ten kings.

Looking forward to celebrating his 76th birthday on Thursday, Herbert said he had not originally planned to participate in yesterday’s competition but because his grandson was unwell, he agreed to substitute for him.

Yesterday’s win for Herbert was his second since the Pierre family began participating in the competition.

Lillan meanwhile, also expressed surprise over her win as she was expecting her daughter Lynelle to perform a hat-trick this year.

Pressed to say if she felt pressured to enter the competition every year, Lillan laughed as she said it was a combination of her father’s persistent cajoling and a desire to bring humour to serious situations.

Her daughter Lynelle who copped the second place this year also proved to be a crowd favourite with her presentation as a Dame Lorraine.

Third place winner in the queen category, Lavern Smith elicited laughter all around as she placed a plant pot in the middle of the road and began “rolling” it from side to side. She later pulled some paper from a pocket and pretended to roll a joint on her behind.