Emmanuel Mc Meo was gunned down at his home in Fyzabad on Thursday night .

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Not wanting to be murdered like his brother, Emmanuel Mc Meo worked hard to stay out of trouble but despite his best efforts, he too ended up being shot dead.

Mc Meo, 31, of Rezo Settlement, Sewlal Trace, Fyzabad, suffered multiple gunshots shortly after 10:30 pm on Wednesday. His common-law wife Wendy Cross said days before the shooting, Mc Meo got news that someone wanted him dead.

She said on the night of the murder, Mc Meo told her he was getting “a heavy vibe.”

“We were coming home after we close up the shop and he told me he was getting a heavy vibes. I said we will go by his sister and sleep. I told him I will walk and go home, but he said no babe, he will drop me home,” she recalled.

While walking behind him, Cross said she heard a sound and spun around.

“I see two people running coming towards us. I bawl out Meo and he turned around…He run down the hill. I heard about 12 shots, I run inside and pull down the door. I kept saying to myself, I hope he not dead. I was praying that he was not dead, he is my everything,” Cross wept.

She said her three children aged 11, eight and four were inside the house.

“My son now turned eight and two of them would celebrate their birthday this month. We planned to buy a bicycle for my son. I said I would also buy them a suit of clothes for the Christmas,” Cross cried.

She said her husband worked as a construction worker and after picking her up from her workplace at SM Jaleel, they would go and sell at nights in their shop.

“He was working so hard to stock the shop so we could earn a little extra to make a good life for the children,” Cross said.

She explained that Mc Meo did not even have a pair of sneakers.

“He would wear slippers. I wanted to buy him some sneakers. That man always working hard. He alone cast all that bricks. He tote all that material by himself and build this. I never see anyone who could work hard like him,” she said.

While she said her husband was not perfect, Cross said she always prayed for him.

“I used to say Lord protect him. I go to church and I don’t want my husband to go to hell. He never killed nobody, but watch what they come and do to him.

She said five years ago, Mc Meo’s brother Negus Mc Meo had been gunned down near his home.

Officers from the Fyzabad Police station led by PC’s Sagar and Billy visited the scene and found three black shotgun 12-gauge cartridges about a metre away from Mc Meo’s body.

Police said the gunmen escaped in a waiting vehicle.

Anyone with information on the murder can contact Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS.