Randolph Bharatt releases a chinese lantern in a symbol of a final farewell to his daughter Andrea at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua last night.

Breaking his public silence for the first time since Andrea Bharatt’s disappearance and subsequent death, Randolph Bharatt last night described his only daughter as a “Godsend.”

Speaking briefly with Guardian Media Limited at the Eddie Hart Savannah, Tacarigua as relatives, friends and well-meaning members of the public gathered to release balloons and lanterns around 7 pm, Randolph said Andrea’s death had changed a nation.

Following the outpouring of support and love directed toward him from right here in T&T as well as abroad following the disappearance of Andrea on January 29, Randolph said, “This is overwhelming. This is something I would never have expected in my lifetime…it is too much.”

Bharatt, 23, worked as a clerk at the Arima Magistrate’s Court and was last seen as she got into a car to be taken to her home at Arima Old Road.

Her decomposing body was discovered down a precipice at Heights of Aripo on February 4.

Randolph Bharatt releases a Chinese lantern in a symbol of a final farewell to his daughter Andrea at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua last night.

Andrea was yesterday laid to rest following what resembled a national funeral that brought together politicians, entertainers, and activists advocating for greater protection of the nation’s women.

Referring to the funeral ceremony which began at 9 am when her body arrived their home for the final rites around 9 am, Randolph said, “Something simple end up real massive, it took the world by storm.”

Asked how he felt following the countless vigils held across T&T and the calls by members of the public for legislative changes, he said, “I find they are taking too long. They should have done that about 20 or 30 years ago. Women are not safe in this country and that going on for the longest while so it time they step up and what the people are doing…is they are coming out. They are just not safe again. I and all am not safe. I am scared to death since..it is time for somebody to do something and Andrea doing it…not me, Andrea and God.”

Summing his angel in a nutshell, Randolph said, “That is a Godsend,”

He continued, “God is on her side. Her mother told me two days before she (mother) died, that she gonna change the world and this is the start. Once you believe in God, this is the start.”

Members of the public release Chinese lanterns during a farewell for Andrea Bharatt at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua last night.

Pressed to say if he had a message for the population of T&T, Randolph answered, “I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. Trinidad and Tobago, the rest of the world, the small islands…be safe, do the right thing.”