FEEL helps thousands of households with foodstuff

Members of the Defence Force assist with the offloading of donated foodstuff at FEEL’s warehouse. The supplies were given to non-profit organisations for distribution to needy families. (Image: FEEL)

Thousands of households have received food hampers from non-governmental organisations who have been working with FEEL—the Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life—to ensure vulnerable families do not go hungry during the current COVID-19 crisis.

According to a release from FEEL, some 8,000 food hampers have been distributed over the past three weeks.  Recipients got hampers containing rice, beans, Vienna sausages and soy meal, among other foodstuff, which were donated by corporate citizens.

FEEL also reports that roughly 2,000 households have registered with the organisation, for assistance and relief.

The full text of the release on FEEL’s activities, follows…


Over the last three weeks, FEEL in collaboration with over 100 Non-Profit Organisation  (NPO) partners has distributed over 8,000 food hampers and provided supplies of foodstuff to homes for the elderly, institutions caring for the socially displaced and children’s homes as part of the organisation’s ongoing outreach support programme.

Non-Profit Organisations registered with FEEL received bulk supplies of foodstuff including 300 pounds of rice, 300 pounds of beans, over 200 tins of Vienna sausages and over 175 packs of rice and soy meal.  Many of the NPOs added additional items to these hampers.  With this food supply NPOs were able to prepare approximately 50 hampers each.

Bulk foodstuff being offloaded at FEEL’s warehouse, before being given to non-profit organisations for distribution to needy families. (Image: FEEL)

FEEL’s COVID-19 response

In order to ensure that FEEL was able to provide relief to households facing loss of income due to the public health, stay at home measures, FEEL and the NPOs collaborated to start a process of registering households for assistance.  Over the last three weeks 2,000 households have registered and received support from the NPOs and FEEL. 

FEEL’s response programme allows individuals to visit the FEEL Facebook page FeelTandT to identify the NPO nearest to where they live and to register via email.  The NPO collates the responses and forwards a list to FEEL.  In response to the list FEEL provides the NPO with an additional stock of supplies that allows them to provide food hampers to affected families.

Each week since the registration process started the numbers have increased to approximately 2,000 households. Through this initiative FEEL assisted over 400 families in week one, an additional 600 families in week two and an additional 900 families this week.

Registration includes the following details:

*  National Identification Number (local or foreign)

*  Name

*  Detailed Address

*  Place of Employment

*  Job Role

FEEL thanks individuals and the corporate sector for supporting this initiative.  To give your support to help alleviate the difficulties being experienced by some households during this time, please visit the FEEL Facebook page FeelTandT.

Should you need any additional information please contact the Chief Executive Officer at [email protected]