Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed looks on as a resident signs the Felicity Anti-Crime Petition during an anti-crime motorcade and walk in Felicity, Chaguanas, yesterday.

With 24 cases of larceny and burglaries and four home invasions in recent times, the most recent one four days ago when an elderly woman was held up at gunpoint in her home, residents of Felicity yesterday united to fight back against the criminal elements.

Community leader Imam Rasheed Karim, Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed and Chaguanas MP Dinesh Rambally headed a walkabout and small motorcade before beginning a petition and seeking information from residents regarding the increase in criminal activity in the area and how it had affected them.

The men intend to hand the petition to Minister of National Security Stuart Young and Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith pleading for resources to fight the crime and eradicate all criminals and miscreants from the community.

Residents are hoping for the setting up of a police post, increased police patrols and a meeting with Young and Griffith.

There are some 8,000 to 10,000 residents in the Felicity area alone.

Just before the start of the walkabout, the men urged a few residents who turned out in support of the gesture to “take back their community from the hands of criminals by uniting for the fight.”

Rambally said they had started to work with the community in a bid to get resources pooled in a successful manner.

“We have a meeting with the head of the Central Division police to see that they are well ahead of the conditions the residents are living in. We have been trying to educate the community, now is the time to become our brother’s keeper. We have set up a committee to get plans rolled out as to how we can start our own activities,” Rambally said.

“We need to send a loud message via this walkabout and small motorcade to the criminal elements that we are taking a stand against you and this march is just the beginning of things to come.”

Mohammed assured that he will attempt to restore the sense of security and comfort in the community by rolling out more municipal police patrols.

“My corporation is acquiring two municipal police vehicles and I have indicated to the municipal police that we would do patrols from midnight to 5 am. I am also looking to establish a meeting with the Commissioner of Police,” he said.

“We all need to be vigilant and stand together and united to run the criminals out of Chaguanas.”