Marslyn Melville-Jack, Secretary of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour. (Image: THA Assembly Legislature)

Marslyn Melville, Jack Secretary of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour, says she wants to be Tobago’s next chief secretary.

She told Guardian Media on Friday (May 1) she is being led by God.

“This is a democracy and I really feel that I have a track record of delivery, service to the people, management, and leadership. I just believe that once there is a vacancy, at this time, I should step up to
the plate,” she said.

Melville- Jack added: “I should not be left out of the pool. I believe God is leading me right now to throw my hat in the ring and
see where it goes from there.”

Asked if she had lobbied her fellow assemblymen to vote
for her to fill the vacancy, the Secretary said she had not done so as yet.

” I have not approached any of the other members but you know I am very optimistic. I don’t think I would have been a contender before, probably because of none-interest. I really believe that now I have done this…I may be able to change the minds of some people.”

On May 29, the former Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles resigned from the post after he was ousted as leader of the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) Tobago Council.

The PNM controls the most seats in the 2017-2021 THA term. According to the THA Act #40 of 1996, the party has the constitutional right to choose a chief secretary from amongst their group of 10 elected assemblymen.

Charles remains an assemblyman as he is the elected representative for the Black Rock/ Whim/Spring Garden/ electoral district.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie