Trinity College Soka in Moka Foundation PRO Dexter Charles.

Even though people will not be able to enjoy the Carnival experience as they are accustomed to by attending fetes and dancing in the streets for two days, innovative party promoters have assured that the virtual experience will be just as good.

In an attempt to ensure fetes, concerts and other private events can continue in 2021, virtual platforms are being introduced where patrons can access events, interact with sponsors, and view concerts for a nominal fee.

Iwer George kicked off the virtual experience on Boxing Night and revealed plans to continue during the season with weekly shows via his Iwer Stage and possibly even a virtual Iwer Wednesday.

Among those hosting virtual fetes is the Fatima Old Boys Association (FOBA) and the Soka in Moka Foundation.

Fatima was the first out of the gates as they hosted a free three-night event between January 1 to 3, featuring Blaxx and De All Starz, Dil-E-Nadan, and Sekon Sta and the Soca Band.

FOBA officials said they decided to go virtual following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although people could have accessed the event for free, officials said donations which would go towards the upkeep and maintenance of the school.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer of the Trinity College Soka In Moka Foundation, Dexter Charles said although they were initially disappointed by the announcement that there would be no Carnival in 2021, they too decided to host a fete of a different kind this year.

Soka in Moka is one of the most popular events on the Carnival calendar and according to Charles, “It was very important to continue with tradition.”

Describing their brand as one which they had spent 22 years building and was very strong, he said it would have been sad to miss a year. In keeping with established norms, “The Committee agreed we had to have an event albeit some version of Soka in Moka.”

And while patrons of this event are being charged US$15 for early bird tickets and US$22 for regular tickets, Charles said even though people are cautious, they have received confirmation attendance from supporters as far away as Barbados, Jamaica, and New York.

He revealed the immersive experience being provided through CEO of Yellar TV, Akhenaton La Borde had resulted in this year’s offering titled Soka in Moka Uploaded.

Charles explained that patrons will come to the “gate” just as they would have in 2020 and walk around, and visit booths where they can interact with sponsors, play games to win prizes, and benefit from discounts.

He said the host would announce when the entertainment is ready and patrons can proceed to the front of the virtual stage where they will view the concert. The event would be held on January 17 and will begin at 8 pm.