Vehicles have been turned back due to the protest.

Fiery protests in and around Port-of-Spain this morning, as east Port-of-Spain, Laventille, Morvant and Beetham residents call for the intervention of the National Security Minister and the Commissioner of Police following the shooting death of three men in Morvant on Saturday.

There were numerous clashes between police and residents across the capital city as tensions rise.

The Legal Affairs building in Port-of-Spain was shot at.

Gunshots were traded along the Eastern Main Road heading into Port-of-Spain.

Residents blocked the Beetham highway this morning near the Sea Lots walkover.

Protests along George Street led to a confrontation between residents and police.

There were also several roadblocks along Lady Young Road and Gonzales in Belmont as police try to get a handle on the escalating situation.

National Security Minister Stuart young held a news conference a short while to address the situation.

Three men were shot and killed on Saturday afternoon after police claimed that a firearm was drawn by one of the men and they were forced to return fire.

However, CCTV footage from the area appears to show one of the men outside of the vehicle with his hands raised and others with their hands extended out of the vehicle windows, prompting protests on Monday and early this morning.

National Security Minister Stuart Young has called for calm.

He said he has been briefed by the heads of national security and has condemned the protests.

He said the Defence Force will be called out to assist the police in the protests.