A snapshot of the Perenco fire from amateur video taken by an oil worker on a nearby platform.

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The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries has “actively engaged” Perenco T&T following a fire at its Teak AD platform which led to three employees being injured, Permanent Secretary Penelope Bradshaw-Niles has said.

On Tuesday around 3.50 pm when mechanics were performing maintenance on a gas compressor a fire occurred, Heidi Diquez the External Relations and Communications Manager of Perenco stated yesterday.

“The fire was quickly extinguished, the emergency response procedures activated and the platforms were shut in. There was no discharge of hydrocarbons to the environment as a result of the incident,” Diquez stated.

“Unfortunately, three contract employees were injured and immediately received medical treatment on-site. Two of the three injured persons required further medical treatment and were promptly airlifted to shore. Consequently, one person was discharged after medical checks and the other remains in a stable condition at the medical facility,” she stated.

Diquez said that all relevant authorities and agencies were duly informed and are being kept updated.

“A full investigation with the relevant authorities has been initiated,” she stated.

Perenco, together with the contracting company, is in contact with the families and is providing all necessary support, Diquez stated.

As a result of the incident, Bradshaw-Niles said officials from the Energy Ministry met with Perenco yesterday.

Perenco has to provide a report to the Energy Ministry about the incident, she said

“Once the report is submitted we will take it from there,” Bradshaw-Niles said.

Three months ago a contractor died while on the company’s Teak, Samaan and Poui (TSP) block offshore, Trinidad.

The deceased in that incident Anthony Christopher died in his cabin.

Perenco said Christopher’s death was “non-work related but regrettable”.

Perenco, a European oil and gas company, is the operator of the consortium that manages the TSP fields in T&T, with a 70 per cent stake acquired in 2016.

The TSP fields are located 20 km to 45 km from the Southeast Coast of Trinidad in deep water at 55 meters.

Perenco’s partners are Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Corporation Petrotrin, and Trinidad and Tobago National Gas Company, the NGC.