Arjoon Samai is hugged by his sister Marilyn Sookoo after a fire gutted his home at Battoo Avenue, Marabella yesterday.

With nowhere to live after a fire destroyed his home yesterday, a Marabella man is pleading for assistance to rebuild his house.

Arjoon Samai, 58, woke up to a fire raging through his home at Battoo Avenue where he lived his entire life.

Samai is not sure what caused the blaze.

His brother Kadoo Samai, 60, was also in the house and was taken by the ambulance to seek medical attention at the San Fernando General Hospital. Samai’s two adult daughters who would often spend time there were not at the house when the fire started.

Samai recalled that he was asleep when he heard someone shouting. “When I came off the bed and watch through my window I see fire coming from the front bedroom. By the time I run down the step the fire was right behind me.”

The blaze ravaged his home, reducing it to mostly ashes. In a state of shock, Samai ran around the block, and when he returned his brother was in the ambulance. He did not know whether he received burns.

“I don’t know what caused it, whether it was electrical. I don’t know,” said Samai.

He said two years ago the doctor stopped him from working because of health complications. He said he has to undergo two surgeries.

Samai was receiving a monthly government grant, but last November it was discontinued. “I have no money. I don’t know where to start.”

The Disaster Management Unit of the San Fernando City Corporation provided him with a mattress, but he was uncertain where he would spend the night.

“It have a street lamp in front my house. I will go there,” said a distraught Samai.

However, his friend Dave Paras promised to help him find a lodging for the night.

Anyone willing to assist him can contact 388-3276.