Nigel Rose stands among the debris left from the fire that destroyed his home on Monday night.

A family of five was made homeless after their $60,000 home was burnt to ashes on Monday night.

The fire also destroyed a vehicle worth $35,000 and killed two dogs and a parrot.

Owner of the house, Nigel Rose told Guardian Media he left his Railway Road Extension home in a relative’s vehicle around 10.45 pm on Monday night in company with his three children, to drop his wife on the Eastern Main Road to get to work.

On his return around 11:10 pm he saw his house on fire.

Leaving his three children in the car he rushed to save the parrot but was unsuccessful because of the heat and raging fire.

Neighbours said they saw smoke coming from the house and within a few minutes the house was on fire, ran out of their homes to assist, but the house was already engulfed in flames.

A fire unit from Sangre Grande Fire Station responded, but they were unable to save the house.

However, the fire officers were able to contain the fire from spreading to nearby houses.

Rose said only three weeks ago he bought a vehicle costing $35,000 to ply for hire (PH) as this was his only means of employment.

It was that vehicle that was destroyed in the blaze.

Pointing in the direction of his house, he said he lost everything from furniture to appliances, clothing, children books and uniforms.

“All that remains are the clothes we were wearing when we left home earlier,” he said.

Councillor Nassar Hosein, local representative visited the Rose family along with members of United National Congress Toco/ Sangre Grande executive and are all working to get some assistance for the family.

Fire officers could not ascertain the cause of the fire but await a report fro the fire inspector.