The Atlantic Provider which caught fire at the Port of Port-of-Spain, on Tuesday.

Members of the Fire Service who responded to a fire on a cargo ship named Atlantic Provider, which is currently docked in Port-of-Spain, were able to extinguish the blaze on time and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the vessel.

Police said at about 5.17 pm on Wednesday smoke was seen from the first floor of the vessel, which is docked close to the breakfast shed.

At the time, police said, the vessel was being repaired by a team of four people and a wall-mounted fan in one of the sleeping quarters seized and caught fire, engulfing the room.

The crew members quickly attempted to contain the fire and notified the police and fire officers.

Within minutes fire officers from the nearby Wrightson Road Fire Station arrived on the scene and were able to contain and extinguish the blaze.

There were no injuries, however, the initial estimate for damage is over US$5,000.

The Atlantic Provider was one of the vessels named to replace the Super Fast Galicia, and it made its maiden voyage to Tobago in April 2017.

It was used for a short period to aid with the seabridge between T&T, however, the Government declined to accept the company’s proposal for the renewal of its contract that year. The vessel has since been sold to a foreign company and currently being refurbished.