Police officers arrested five men for Automated Teller Machine (ATM) tampering earlier this week, following reports of suspicious activity at a First Citizens’ Bank ATM in Port of Spain.

According to official police reports, during a patrol in the Central Police Station District on Wednesday 25th March, 2020, officers of the Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department and the Central Police Station, received information of men seen tampering with an ATM machine at First Citizens’ Bank (FCB) Independence Square.

The officers reportedly made several checks at other ATMs.

Police say the intelligence collected led officers to the Western Division in pursuit of a suspicious vehicle and its occupants. Upon reaching FCB on the Diego Martin Main Road, the officers observed a vehicle parked on the roadway and noted that a male with a hat and jersey concealing most of his face was tampering with an ATM machine. The suspicious vehicle sped off. 

Assistance came from the Western Division Special Patrol who intercepted the said vehicle with four occupants along the Diego Martin Highway.

A search of the vehicle revealed a cash counting machine, card skimmer, blank card and a quantity of cash. 

The five suspects are from the Western Division.

Enquires continue.