Tobago’s District Medical Officer Dr Tiffany Hoyte.

Loyse Vincent

Tobago Regional Health Authority officials have revealed that a 5-month-old baby contracted COVID-19, making this the youngest cases recorded in the country.

County Medical Officer of Health Dr Tiffany Hoyte made the revelation yesterday during the latest COVID-19 update news conference. While Dr Hoyte didn’t reveal any details about the case identified, she stressed that no one was exempt from contracting the virus.

“Our youngest case was a five-month old and our oldest was an 84-year-old and the proportion of males to females among the confirmed cases are 53 per cent males and females 47 per cent.”

During November the island went for more than three weeks without any recorded cases of COVID-19, however health officials say this does not adequately reflect the island’s COVID-19 status as the virus was still being transmitted through community spread. According to Dr Hoyte members of the media have openly questioned the legitimacy of the COVID-19 statistics presented.

“Persons need to remember that although no one presented to the healthcare system to get tested for COVID 19 it doesn’t mean that it’s not still present – it’s very much present in the community.”

She said a lot of persons who contract the virus don’t show any symptoms or have very mild symptoms and that they may not have come forward for testing.

The island currently has 22 COVID -19 cases, including a fire officer attached to the Crown Point Fire Station who went to work with flu symptoms. Following the exposure 20 fire officers have since been placed on quarantine. She warned against complacency as the officer in question “did present to work on the day of illness but the workplace sent the person home.”

Of the 128 people tested positive for COVID-19 on the island, Dr Hoyte said 75 per cent of those cases did not show any signs of illness. This means that these people were asymptomatic and more likely to spread the virus.