Police were up to late yesterday probing the deaths of five men in north and south Trinidad. Two of the victims were killed in one incident in Maracas, St Joseph.

The dead men have been identified as Ronell Scotland, Russell Du Bois, Malcolm Richardson, Aaron Maynard and Jameil Scipio

Their deaths have pushed the murder toll to 40.

Three murders were recorded in North Trinidad on Tuesday night within three hours.

There was a double murder at Maracas St Joseph where one other was wounded and in Morvant, a man, 25, was killed.

According to a police report, Ronell Scotland, 27, of #47, La Rue Pomme Road Extension, Maracas St Joseph and Russell Du Bois, 34, of #37, La Rue Pomme Road Extension, Maracas St Joseph died at hospital.

At about 7:23 pm police officers were on patrol along the Maracas Royal Road near the Maracas Recreation Ground when they heard gunshots coming from the La Rue Pomme Road area. They went to an area where they saw a group of people in the roadway who told them that three persons had been shot and taken to the hospital.

The scene was processed and officers recovered 15 spent 5.56 shell casings, 11 spent 9 mm shell casings and one fragment.

Investigations said they were told that at about 7.23 pm Scotland, Du Bois and another man were seen lying on the roadway suffering from gunshot wounds just outside Scotland’s home. The three men were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex by a resident, however, Scotland was pronounced dead on arrival and Du Bois succumbed while receiving treatment,

The third victim was also treated and warded.

In Morvant, Malcolm Richardson, 25, of Water Wheel Road, Diego Martin and Clarence Circular, Mon Repos Road, Morvant, a labourer and a shopkeeper, was gunned down while at Clarence Circular, Mon Repos Road, Morvant. That incident occurred at about 9.50 pm.

Police said Richardson was fatally shot in the upper torso.

The Homicide CSI officers processed the scene and retrieved eight spent 9 mm shell casings and two deformed projectiles.

Preliminary investigations revealed that at about 9:45 pm Richardson had just closed his shop “Rampin Shop” which is situated on the Corner of Mon Repos Road and Clarence Circular, Morvant and was shot by a lone gunman as he was walking towards his home.

Richardson’s common-law-wife who was with him escaped injuries as she ran away on seeing the gunman and hid in a nearby drain.

The gunman then escaped by running through a footpath on the eastern side of the road.

Investigators are not sure who was the intended target in Tuesday night’s murder at a Carnival lime in La Brea.

Although Aaron Maynard was left dead after a gunman opened fire on a group of people liming outside a house at Chin Fong Alley in Sobo Village, two others were also injured.

Police said Maynard, 23, of Cocoyea Village, San Fernando, was among a group of people at the lime. Around 3 am someone call La Brea police and reported loud explosions in the area. A team of officers responded and found Maynard bleeding on the ground under the house. Two other people, Quincy Sobers and Keron Todd also received gunshot injuries to their elbow and wrist. They were both taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment.

Investigators believe something sparked a confrontation at the party that led to the shooting. The owner of the property where Maynard died was not there at the time. A report stated that a friend asked to use the backyard for a Carnival lime. He allowed him to do so, knowing that the yard could not accommodate many people and that it was not a paid event.

The owner reported that up to the time he left the property, there were just a few people present.

Homicide investigators believe a hit was called on Jameil Scipio, who was shot dead at his home in San Fernando yesterday.

Scipio, 24, was sitting in the living room of his Roy Joseph Settlement with a 17-year-old cousin when a gunman entered. A report stated that at 1 am, an anonymous female called the San Fernando Criminal Investigations Department and reported that someone was shot. When a party of police officers arrived, they learned that a gunman wearing a grey hoodie and green bandana over his face entered the ground floor apartment through the open front door.

The gunman shot Scipio once in his face and ran out of the apartment. A friend took Scipio to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died minutes later at the Accident and Emergency Department.

Investigators found blood on the couch and floor of Scipio’s living room.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigation, Region Three processed the scene and were still working on a motive up to yesterday evening. ­