A resident marooned at her home in Tulsa Trace, Penal, yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

For another day several residents in south Trinidad were marooned in their homes while farmers were left counting their losses.

While the rain stopped, watercourses burst their banks in several areas spilling water into communities and homes in Barrackpore, Penal, Debe, Woodland and other areas.

The South West Regional Corporation had to close the mass vaccination site at Penal PowerGen as some areas were only accessible by heavy.

At Tulsa Trace, Penal, residents were angry and frustrated, complaining that every time it floods they are fed empty promises.

Wading through the floods surrounding his home, resident Rajkumar Ramdial said, “I could understand yuh getting flood. They say we living in the lagoon all that is good but when this water taking eight and ten days to go down then we have problem and the thing is it not happening today it happening for a few years now.”

Complaining that proper work is not being done at the rivers, he said an embankment was constructed at the river opposite his home in 2019, but it only last two months.

He said, “The water here would not have been so much you know, they trying to build a basin but the water keep flowing into the basin, secure your basin and then build it.”

Another resident, Rohenie Jaggernath, who lives with her 17-year-old son at Ramdhanie Trace, Clarke Road, Penal, said the floods began flowing into her property around 1 am and by 4 am the water had seeped into her home.

She said they put their fridge, mattress, clothes and other furniture a height, but up until midday her home was still underwater.

Unable to cook, she had to go through the floods to find a food outlet to buy food.

One resident Suresh Maharaj was dropping sandbags from the corporation for residents and towing vehicles that were stalled in the floods.

By midday, Maharaj had already towed three cars, two panel vans and three tonne-trucks.

Meanwhile, South Oropouche Riverine South Action Group president Edward Moodie said one of the problems the entire river bank at the Calco Pump Site at Tulsa Trace was dug out during works by a contractor.

“And all of the water for the past 24 hours have been flowing straight to the black river channel and covering the entire community of Ragoonanan Trace, Gopie Trace, that entire block probably about 10 square miles of water is being emptied from the river onto the land.” Moodie said.

Chairman of the Penal Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy said no residents had to be evacuated and there were no reports of major damages to people’s homes.

However, he said farmers were again left counting their losses.

“It is extremely exhausting. It utilises resources, it destroys infrastructure, it destroys crops. People lives are constantly in peril. It is no way to survive.”

Unaware that the mass vaccination site at PowerGen was closed, several people, some of them with their families, turned up at the site.