The yard of a house near the Barrackpore Secondary School is flooded, following today's rough weather. (Image courtesy Edward Moodie, President of the South Oropouche Riverine Flood Action Group (SORFAG)
RADHICA DE SILVA ([email protected])

After several hours of incessant rainfall, floodwaters have started to rise in several parts of South Trinidad.

At Lalbeharry Trace, Monkey Town, the floods gushed onto the roadway which remained still passable up to midday.

Farmer Nathanial Mungal quickly secured his animals on higher ground as he waited for the floods to rise.

President of the South Oropouche Riverine Flood Action Group (SORFAG), Edward Moodie, said the flood waters from Upper Barrackpore were making their way down to the Lower region of the Oropouche Basin in Woodland.

He said areas near the Barrackpore Secondary School and the Barrackpore Secondary Comprehensive Schools already were flooded.

“We have information that the floods are starting to enter into people’s homes in Barrackpore. We also have localized floods on the SS Erin Road near Boodoo’s Funeral Home, and at Picton area near Barrackpore,” Moodie said.

He noted that the Papourie River and Suchit Trace Rivers were full.

At Suchit Trace, seven houses were flooded around noon.

One resident who identified herself as Kaloutie said they were bracing for potential damages to their property.

“We are just waiting. We called and complained to the Regional Corporation many times in the past, to complain that they need to clean the drains to prevent us from flooding out.  The drains are clogged and right now it is full of water. All this stink water is coming in our place because they are not cleaning the drain,” Kaloutie said.

Along Macaulay Claxton Bay, floodwaters are also rising.

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