Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC

Legal luminary and former Attorney General, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC, believes that the details of the outcome of the court case involving now defunct state energy company Petrotrin, and A&V Oil and Gas should be a matter of public record, and should be laid in the Parliament.

According to a release issued today by his law chambers, RLM & Co., Mr Maharaj SC will be making statements concerning the implications of the judgement given by the Arbitrators in the dispute between both entities.

“The contents of the judgement delivered by the Arbitrators demonstrate that A&V was supplying real crude oil to Petrotrin and it was being paid for real crude oil supplied by A&V to Petrotrin.  Consequently, the allegations of it supplying fake oil to Petrotrin were frivolous, inaccurate and untruthful,” the statement from the legal luminary read.

The A&V ‘fake oil’ issue dominated national headlines back in September 2017, when it was publicly alleged that the company, A&V Oil and Gas Limited, was supplying fake oil to Petrotrin, and that A&V was being paid for fake oil supplied to Petrotrin.

Now that a ruling has been made on the matter, the former Attorney General maintains it is in the public’s interest learn the details of it.

“Mr Maharaj SC considers that he has a duty as a lawyer and as one who served in politics to make statements in respect of this issue and its implications for the future.  Mr Maharaj SC believes that the government has a duty in light of the public interest which has been generated in this matter to lay this judgement in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago so that Parliamentarians would read the contents of this judgment and members of the public would be able to read and have access to its contents,” the release from his law chambers continued:

The statement added: “The members of the public have a right to know and to have access to the information contained in that judgment.  Openness, transparency and accountability demand this.”

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC will be making his statements on the issue next Tuesday, September 28th, at 1:30 pm, via an online, Zoom meeting.