Former Chief Secretary and The Platform of Truth leader Hochoy Charles.

One day after 28 persons successfully submitted their nomination papers as candidates for January 25, 2021, Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections, veteran politician Hochoy Charles believes “no party represents Tobago’s interest.”

No one submitted nomination papers for One Tobago Voice- the party which Charles chairs.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) and Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) both fielded candidates in all 12 electoral districts.

The party to win seven districts will run Tobago’s affairs for the next four years.

There were also four independent candidates.

They are former PNM Public Relations Officer and Councillor Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angu – Scarborough/Calder Hall, former media practitioner Anthony Hector – Black Rock/Whim/ Spring Garden, Nickocy Phillps-Unity of the People and Ricardo Phillip- Class Action Reform Movement. The latter two candidates are fighting for the Buccoo-Mt Plesant district.

However, Charles, a former Chief Secretary and recent The Platform of Truth leader said the PNM and PDP “are representing Trinidad’s interest in Tobago.”

Asked why OTV did not submit candidates, he replied:” We made a call for Tobagonians to come to represent Tobago, and nobody came forward.”

According to the Elections and Boundaries Commission, 51,062 persons are eligible to vote in the elections.

PNM candidates:

Tracy Davidson-Celestine – Lambeau/Signal Hill

Ancil Dennis – Buccoo/Mt Pleasant

Shomari Hector – Bethel/Mt Irvine

Marslyn Melville-Jack – Scarborough/Calder Hall

Joel Jack – Bacolet/Mt. St. George

Clarence Jacob – Canaan/Bon Accord

Melissa James Guy – Plymouth/Golden Lane

Kelvon Morris – Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden

Kwesi Des Vignes – Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah

Rory Dillon – Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside

Neil Beckles –Belle Garden East/ Roxborough/Delaford

Boxhill Bailey – Goodwood/Belle Garden West

The PDP’s slate:

Watson Solomon Duke -Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford

Farley Chavez Augustine -Parlatuvier/L’anse Fourmi/Speyside

Dr Faith B.Yisrael- Goodwood/Belle Garden West

Jaime Baird- Buccoo/Mt Pleasant

Terance Baynes-Bethel/Mt Irvine

Wane “Wasp” Clarke- Lambeau/Signal Hill

Zorisha “Zia” Hackett-Plymouth/Golden Lane

Trevor W. James-Scarborough/Calder Hall

Megan Morrison-Bacolet/Mt. St. George

Ian “Whitey” Pollard-Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah

Joel “Nuttsy” Sampson -Canaan/Bon Accord

Abby Taylor- Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden