The vehicle in which former UNC alderman Anand Sookdeo Bedaisee (inset) died in an accident yesterday.

Mother’s Day celebrations which were carded to be held by the Bedaisee family of Sangre Grande turned instead into mourning yesterday, when the man who had done all the planning lost his life in a vehicular accident.

Anand Sookdeo Bedaisee, a former UNC Alderman of Palm Road Bois Bande, North Eastern Settlement, Sangre Grande died on the spot when he lost control of the white Nissan Tiida vehicle driven by him and crashed into an electricity pole on the Valencia Stretch on Sunday morning.

Police reported that around 5 am on Sunday, the deceased, in the company of a 56-year-old man, was proceeding east along the Valencia Stretch when reaching the vicinity of Swan Quarry, he pulled away from dog crossing the road, lost control and slammed into an electricity pole.

Bedaisee died on impact, with head injuries, a broken neck and other injuries.

The other occupant of the vehicle survive but suffered two broken legs and other body injuries. He was rushed to the Sangre Grande Hospital by ambulance where he is warded in serious condition.

Bedaisee’s sudden and untimely death also threw the entire community of Palm Road, Bois Bande, Northeastern Settlement into mourning.

Residents told Guardian Media that on Saturday morning, Bedaisee was giving out market goods to the needy families and was wishing all the need mothers Happy Mother’s Day.

Several friends and wellwishers visited Bedaisee’s home yesterday, including Chairman of Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Anil Juteram, and representatives of the constituencies of Toco/Sangre Grande and Cumuto Manzanilla.

Relatives said Bedaisee was the breadwinner and was responsible for supporting his mother and other siblings. He was the one who will take her to the doctor and will assist in paying her bills.

Vendors at the Sangre Grande yesterday said he fought for them to have better conditions at the market.

Juteram described Bedaisee as a people activist who never showed any political affiliation. His said Bedaisee’s focus was on helping the people with their problems and that he worked tirelessly roaming the length and breadth of both constituencies in an effort to bring relief to them.

Former Chairman of Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Terry Rondon, under whose tenure Bedaisee worked as an alderman, asked many to take page from Bedaisee’s book.

He said he earned great respect from all councillors and administrative staff at the corporation.

Rondon said he was a political groundsman going to every community, listening to their problems and bringing them to the corporation.