The four foreign crew members that fell ill on Tuesday while aboard a ship docked off Anchorage, Port-of-Spain, have been treated at a hospital.

And although two men were treated and returned to the Sonderborg yesterday, two others remained hospitalized at a private medical facility up to last night.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram, when pressed to say what the four men had been treated for, cited doctor/patient confidentiality.

As previously done, Parasram once again reassured the nation that there are no Covid-19 (coronavirus) cases in T&T.

The four men were reportedly prevented from coming ashore to seek medical treatment on Tuesday after it was believed they had contracted the virus.

This, after they began exhibiting symptoms including fever and diarrhoea.

Officials at the medical institution in Port-of-Spain claimed the men had not been diagnosed with any contagion.

Instead, they revealed the men were treated for various illnesses relating to pre-existing medical conditions that had worsened while at sea.

The commercial container vessel has been anchored off-shore for the past two months as it is undergoing repairs.

The vessel had been placed on dry-dock at the Caribbean Dockyard from December 27 to January 18, following which it remained anchored off the western peninsula as additional works were required.

On Wednesday, Parasram reported additional crew members had been recently added to the fleet, but detailed checks into their travel history revealed they had not visited China or any of the affected countries.

The men were initially thought to have been suffering from a gastroenteritis-like illness.

Parasram and the other officials confirmed that strict operating procedures had been followed to bring the men to shore.

Hospital officials claimed the men had been isolated from the other patients – and once treated, the two who were discharged were taken via ambulance back to the boat and were not allowed to interact with others members of the public.