The four suspects are expected to appear before the courts, after being held for sexual offences against children.

The Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is again urging parents  and  guardians  to  play  a greater, more active role in ensuring their children’s safety, as well as for the public to report instances of child physical and sexual abuse.

The renewed appeal comes as four suspects are expected to appear before Rio Claro, San Fernando, Point Fortin and Scarborough Magistrates, today, after being held for sexual offences against children.

In the first incident, a 24-year-old housewife was arrested by officers of the Eastern Division CPU on one count of abuse of  position  of  trust  and  familial  relationship,  and  one  count  of  sexual penetration of a child.

The accused  who  is  expected  to  appear  before  a  Rio  Claro  Magistrate  to answer.

In another incident,  a 37-year-old  labourer, was arrested by officers of the  Southern  Division  CPU  on  two  counts  of  sexual  penetration  of  a 10-year-old  female  victim,  which  is  alleged  to  have  occurred  over  a period of six months.

The  male  relative is expected to answer to a San Fernando Magistrate today.

In  the  South  Western  Division,  a  25-year-old  man  was  arrested  and charged  for  one  count  of  sexual  penetration  of  a  15-year-old  female victim.

The  suspect is expected to answer to  a  Point Fortin Magistrate today.

And in  the  Tobago  Division,  a  28-year-old  woman,  who  was  held  while intoxicated  in  connection  with  a  report  of  physical  abuse  to  a two-year-old  boy, has been charged for one count of wilfully assaulting a child.

The woman  is  expected  to  appear  before  a  Scarborough Magistrate today.

The CPU is encouraging the public to help it fulfill its mandate to protect the  nation’s  children, by reporting cases where children are being hurt, both physically and sexually.

  1. Parents  and  guardians  are urged to call the Child Protection Secretariat at 621-2588.
  2. Anyone with information on child abuse should:
    • Report  it  at  the  nearest  police  station or via the TTPS App; or
    • Contact  the 24-hour hotline for the Children’s Authority, toll free, at 996 or 800-2014.